Safety & Ops Manual

Highlights of the Manual

Special Provisions

Cleaning Responsibility

You are responsible for your own mess. Make sure all spills are picked up, and all trash placed in the trash can. If you make a mess in the microwave, immediately clean it up. If you make a mess near the coffee maker, immediately clean it up. Use this policy for everything in The Bootstack, and team cleans will be so easy. The Vice President is responsible for creating a cleaning maintenance schedule for The Bootstack. This is where the team ("team cleans") will make a sweep of every aspect of The Bootstack to make sure our home is clean. An example of this maintenance plan is found here.

Misc. Special Provisions

Find these on page 14 of the Building Policies Manual. Some important provisions are listed below:

  • Aside from previously approved events, no member is allowed in the building for longer than 25 minutes without an officer present (this allows you to go back and pick up something you left without needing a B.A.R. form)
  • Only team members are permitted access to the loft unless otherwise approved by the Officer Team
  • No member should use the sound board, projector, or any other A/V equipment without officer consent (after you've been shown how to properly turn on/shut down the system)
  • All individual guests must fill out a Liability Waiver and a Building Access Agreement form
  • Only dispose of toilet paper in the toilets (no paper towels, no tissues, no feminine hygiene products of any kind, etc.) DON'T DON'T DON'T
  • Any personal food should not be left in the Mini Fridge for more than 24 hours.
    • Any food left is subject to being eaten/thrown out by the Officer Team.
    • Failure to keep mini fridge clean may result in it being locked by the President or Vice President

What is special about the A/V system?

First, it's thousands of dollars, so don't break it! Second, it will last a very long time if we take care of it. However, multiple misuses of the system can cause the speakers to wear down over time at a rapid pace. Near the A/V system is a clipboard with specific instructions, but the main thing to think about is... When turning ON the system, turn the console on first, then the speakers. When turning OFF the system, turn the speakers off first, then the console. This will prevent an input overload to the speakers and make them "pop." Be sure to read all of the considerations on the clipboard by the A/V system. Other than that, it really is simple to use!

How is maintenance handled?

This falls on the Vice President and the Building Administrative Representative. If you notice something needs fixing or restocking, bring it up to them. A specific process of reporting this is coming soon, and will be posted here...

Events in The Bootstack

What events can occur in The Bootstack?

{Page 4 of the Building Policies Manual} "This building will be used for the purpose of benefitting the Aggie Wranglers organization and its members. Only approved Aggie Wrangler events are permitted in the building."

What is an Aggie Wrangler event?

{Page 4 of the Building Policies Manual} An Aggie Wrangler Event is defined as the following: Any occasion, meeting, activity, social outing, happening or other planned event representing either the gathering of Aggie Wrangler team members or Aggie Wrangler team member(s) and members of the public. ​An Aggie Wrangler event is organized by a member of the Aggie Wranglers, approved by the Aggie Wranglers Officer Team prior to the event occurring, and serves to advance the Aggie Wrangler organization and its Mission Statement​. Aggie Wrangler events include, but are not limited to, the following events: ● Aggie Wrangler Team Meetings ● Aggie Wrangler Team Practice ● Aggie Wrangler Jitterbug Practice ● Aggie Wrangler Summer Workshops ● Aggie Wrangler BOOTS/HATS Meetings ● Aggie Wrangler Public Lessons ● Aggie Wrangler Private Lessons ● Aggie Wrangler Reunion ● Team Member Practices ● Tryout Activities ● Open Dance Floor Nights ● Member Study Hours ● Team-Building Activities ● Facility Rentals

Responsibility in The Bootstack

Who is the "responsible" party in The Bootstack?

{Page 7 of the Building Policies Manual} The highest ranking officer present will have the responsibility of ensuring the policies of The Bootstack are being followed. If an officer is not present, a team member will be designated by the officer team as the "Event Manager." In the case of filling out the Bootstack Access Request form, the submitter will be the Event Manager.

What is the responsible party actually responsible for?

Everything. They are responsible for assuring all aspects of the Building Policies Manual are being followed by all occupants. They are responsible for all activities that are occuring on the premises. They are responsible for enforcing the team's Sign IN and Sign OUT procedures and making sure the A/C is not being used outside of it's defined limits (page 15 of the manual). Upon departure, they are resopnsible for ensuring the following things:

  • A/C and lights turned off
  • A/V system properly shut down
  • All doors locked

Who is responsible for damages to the facility?

{Page 10 of the Building Policies Manual} In general, if you blatanlty break something you run the risk of being responsible. "The officer team is responsible for determining what actions should be taken to repair any damage to the facility, including: who is liable for damages, who pays to cover the damages, the cost required to cover the repairs, and how the damages will be repaired." If you punch a hole in the wall, you are fixing it. If you spill your entire drink on the A/V system, it's not as clear cut as punching a hole in the wall, but now you put yourself at risk for discussion about what happens next. If you don't want any question about you spilling drinks on the A/V system, don't put your drinks right next to it; place them on the opposite side of the granite!

Behavioral Expectations

What "basic conduct" is expected in The Bootstack?

{Page 9 of the Building Policies Manual} This is answered by the following text from the manual, "The facility is an extension of the Aggie Wrangler brand, arguably more important than the logo itself. It should be understood that all actions and behaviors on the premises along with the emotions elicited from the environment of the building itself will either develop or damage the Aggie Wrangler brand and image." The following lists specifc basic conduct expectations:

  • No alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or other illicit drugs
  • No physical intimacy on the premises
  • No overnight stays, unless for formal retreat events

What are the expectations when public is present?

Just be professional. Over time it will be more clear what this looks like for different situations. For lessons, it's not talking and being on your phone, going in and out of the meeting room. More specific guidelines are listed on page 9 and 10 of the manual, reproduced here:

  • No eating in spaces occupied by non-members
  • No crossing arms, slouching, leaning against walls, door ways, furniture, etc
  • Usage of teaching cabinets is limited to team members’ water bottles / drinks, the teaching couple’s phones, and the class syllabus
  • Team members will leave all belongings in the meeting room
  • No accessing the meeting room during lessons
  • No phone usage (unless otherwise stated)
  • Jitterbug is limited to moves being taught or performed as approved by the Officer Team
  • No girl-girl or guy-guy jitterbug
  • No profanity and/or other unprofessional language or hand signs
  • No distracting actions

What happens if a non-team member is being a nuisance?

This is further outlined on pages 11 and 12 in the manual, but is summarized by the following statement on page 10... "Actions of the public that do not follow the rules in the governing law documents may result in the member(s) of the public being removed from the premises as defined in Article V, Section II. Responsibility of removing any persons from the premises falls to the Officer Team or designated Event Manager in the case that there are no officers present. If actions result in members of the public being removed from the facility, the Vice President will be notified of the situation immediately."

How do members of the public know The Bootstack's policies?

Every non-member occupant needs to complete the "Aggie Wrangler Building Access Agreement", found here. The form is good for one academic semester, if they return in a following semester they will need to fill out the form again.

Access to The Bootstack

How do I enter The Bootstack?

{Page 5 and 6 of the Building Policies Manual} Only officers have physical keys to the building, so you will need to add your fingerprint to the electronic lock on the side of the building. Contact the Vice President to make sure you have access.

How can I let others in who are not members?

There is a lockbox to the left of the front doors on the inside with a physical key inside. After entering from the side, you may use that key to open the doors to planned visitors. The code is 1984. It is your responsibilty to make sure the doors are locked upon departure with the key back in the lockbox!

Can I just go to The Bootstack whenever I want?

Yes and no! It was designed to be the home of all Aggie Wrangler team members, but no one can occupy the facility without the officer team knowing about it. This is a huge risk to the organization if there is usage without prior knowledge that someone was occupying the facility.

How do I request access to the facility?

Visit MaroonLink, sign in, and complete the Bootstack Access Request form. You should aim to fill this out at least 24 hours before you plan to be there to make sure someone has time to approve your request. If your event was planned a few hours ahead of time, still complete the B.A.R. form as soon as you learn about the event. View this video for a shortcut access to the form. Unless otherwise stated, whoever fills out this form is the designated Event Manager. See "Responsibility in The Bootstack."