Jitterbug 2

Our Jitterbug 2 class is built off of the basics of safety offered in Jitterbug 1. Jitterbug 2 puts a heavier emphasis on learning jitterbug moves than transitions. The moves taught in Jitterbug 2 are typically higher off the ground, but are still taught with the same foundation of safety as in Jitterbug 1. While Jitterbug 1 is not a prerequisite for Jitterbug 2, it is highly recommended to take the “1” class before the “2” class as many Jitterbug 2 moves build off of Jitterbug 1 moves. Jitterbug 2 is the class to take if you are ready to learn some of our advanced “High Flyin’, Death Defyin’, Internationally Famous Aggie-style Jitterbug” moves!

Our mission is to spread our love for Texas A&M by teaching and performing our distinctive style of Country-Western Dance. Our core values are commitment, humility, integrity, respect, partnership, and excellence.

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