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COVID-19 Updates

This page contains all updates to Aggie Wranglers' activities affected by COVID-19.  

Our General Guidelines

Masks are worn at all times while dancing, with no more than 25 people in The Bootstack at one time. 

Temperature checks will be administered upon every entrance into The Bootstack. 

Reference this page in the future to check for more recent updates about the Aggie Wranglers' COVID-19 safety protocols. 

Waivers are completed for all individuals participating in Aggie Wranglers activities, including current team members, tryout couples, and lessons participants, stating their understanding of the inherent risks of dancing with another individual during COVID-19, their agreement to dance with their one dance partner, that they do not currently have COVID-19 or have been recently exposed to someone who has COVID-19 or experienced symptoms of COVID-19, and their agreement to follow all of the Aggie Wranglers' safety procedures. 


Virtual lessons will be held in the beginning of the Spring semester of 2021. These will be taught over Zoom with live instructors and virtual assistants to help understand the material. The only lessons taught in a virtual format will be Country Western 1 & 2. Information about the classes and their dates/prices can be found on our lessons page, HERE!

Hybrid lessons, consisting of potentially some virtual lessons and some in-person lessons to include Jitterbug instruction. Holding these types of lessons are dependent on the first round of virtual lessons and the state of COVID-19 guidelines at the time. The earliest that we may have in-person lessons will be mid-February. 

Reference this page in the future to check for more recent updates regarding our lessons this spring semester of 2021!

Update 1/17/2021

Spring virtual lessons dates will be posted on our lessons page, found at the link above, by 1/20/2021. 


We are pleased to announce that the Aggie Wranglers are once again able to perform and travel! Our team has specific COVID-19 protocols in place to allow us to perform safely, such as pre-screening of our members and the usage of face masks. 

If you would like to submit a request for a virtual performance, we can record our performance of us dancing in our facility, The Bootstack, and create a custom greeting for your event before the recorded performance. 

Performance requests will still be taken using our online form, found on our performances page! To submit a request, click HERE!


Reference this page for general tryout updates. If you are an alumni or a tryout couple, access your respective pages for more specific information!

Update 1/17/2021

There will be two rounds of tryouts this spring semester of 2021. The first will be solely for the would-have-been Spring 2020 class who could not tryout due to COVID-19. The second will be the normally scheduled end-of-spring tryout before summer. 

January tryout couples should check the Facebook page throughout the week for updated schedules for Saturday, the 23rd. 

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