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Aggie Wrangler Tryouts

If you enjoy country-western dancing, spreading the spirit of Texas A&M and want to be a part of a high production team, consider trying out for the Aggie Wranglers! This page contains general information about our tryouts, along with instructions to access the Tryout Portal to find out even more. 

General Information

  • Tryouts are required for membership

  • Tryout participants must be enrolled at Texas A&M

  • Tryout participants should take all four lessons to prepare for tryouts

  • Participants must tryout with a partner

Tryout Process

Our tryouts consist of a dancing ability portion and an interview portion.  

The dancing ability portion allows the tryout couple to present their creativity and technique while the interview portion allows tryout couples to meet the current team!

important dates

Each year, specialized lessons are held for tryout couples to prepare for tryouts. These dates, and other important events, are found using the link below!

Prospective member resources

If you are interested in trying out, click the link below to access more specific information and helpful resources!

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Team Member Experiences

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