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Private Dance Lessons

We offer private dance lessons for groups of all sizes, as well as single couples! Please follow the link at the bottom of the page to request a private lesson.


1 Couple

$80 hourly

Per Couple

2-4 Couples

$45 hourly

5-10 Couples

$30 hourly

Per Couple

Per Couple

11-20 Couples

$20 hourly

Per Couple

 If you have over 20 couples, please contact us for a quote at

If your lesson location is more than 25 miles from the Bryan/College Station Area, additional travel fees may apply

Private Lessons Request Process

Thank you for your interest in an Aggie Wrangler Private Lesson! Requests can be made online using the link at the bottom of the page.

All requests will be processed on a first come, first serve basis based on the time stamp of your submission online. When assessing private lessons requests, the team will consider several factors, including the requested date and time of the lesson, all previous performance and lesson commitments, and travel time to and from the lesson location. Please also note that all private lessons are subject to team member availability, but we do our best to fulfill all requests.

Submitting your request online does not automatically mean that the lesson has been scheduled. You will receive an automatic email from the request system confirming submission. After that confirmation, expect to hear from our Lessons Coordinator within a week to obtain additional information as needed and update you on the status of your lesson.

Private lessons requests are evaluated on a weekly basis. If you are on a tight schedule or your requested lesson date falls within the next week, please follow up your request with a direct email to our Lessons Coordinator at We will do our best to get back with you as soon as possible and accommodate your requests. 

Please note that private lessons requested more than 2 months in advance or for a different academic semester may not be evaluated until a later date.

General Expectations: 

  • Wear closed toe shoes (boots are optional)

  • Wear appropriate clothing – something comfortable that you can move freely in (jitterbug classes – no low-cut tops, skirts, etc.)

  • Arrive on time to ensure you receive all the instruction you are paying for

Please Bring: 

  • A completed liability waiver for both you and your partner *Fill this out before your lesson to ensure you start on time!

  • Your insurance information

  • Your lessons payment (may be paid in cash or check payable to “Aggie Wranglers”) *Please direct all payment questions to

Private Lesson Logistics


We typically evaluate lessons requests 4-6 weeks prior to the lesson date and notify the request’s submitter within a week of evaluation.

Lesson Date/ Time Change Policy 

Time Requirements

Space Requirements

Since it is typical that the Aggie Wranglers may give multiple performances and lessons in multiple locations on a given date, the team reserves the right to refuse a confirmed lesson if the requester changes the private lesson time by more than 30 minutes from the original request time.

Team members will arrive 20 minutes early to the location for private lessons in the Bryan/College Station area and 45 minutes early for private lessons outside of the Bryan/College Station area unless specified otherwise.

The Aggie Wranglers require at least a five (5) square foot area for the teaching couple to instruct your private lesson. Please keep in mind, more space is necessary with each additional couple attending the private lesson.

In the event that you request jitterbug moves to be incorporated into your lesson, it is recommendedthat the lesson area have at least a twelve (12) foot ceiling height to maintain participant safety.

When submitting a private lesson request, please keep in mind that we are a student organization and all team members have academic obligations outside of Aggie Wranglers.

The team is committed to fulfilling as many lessons requests as possible, but our team members are full-time students, some of whom balance jobs in addition to school work. Because of this, there may be some times in the academic year that the team is less available and therefore less likely to fulfill a request. The team is also unable to commit to requests too far in advance within or beyond the current academic semester due to unknown schedules and exam dates. Additionally, team availability during the summer can be low due to senior members graduating and new members training.

We appreciate your understanding and patience, and we are excited to work with you!

If you have any other questions about our lessons, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section. If you are still unable to find an answer, do not hesitate to contact our Lessons Coordinator at

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