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Jitt 1 Sunday - Fall 1

5:30-7:00PM(9/8, 9/15, 9/22, 9/29)


Jitt 1 Sunday - Fall 1

Jitterbug 1 is all about learning how to flip, lift, and twirl your partner. Our Jitterbug 1 class provides a handful of transitions throughout the session, but is centered on learning some of our jitterbug moves. Moves in both Jitterbug 1 and Jitterbug 2 are taught with an emphasis on safety. Jitterbug 1 will focus on moves that are lower to the ground and while they are still thrilling, they are typically less intense than moves taught in Jitterbug 2. This class serves as a great introduction to learning how to lift and flip your partner properly.

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