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The Tryout Process

Check below for helpful information regarding the procedures on Tryout Day!

Tryout Day -- Morning

  • The morning of tryouts will be the ”dance-ability” portion of tryouts. This is where you will show your progress in mastering our dancing fundamentals and your future capability. This portion consists of the below procedures. 

    • Floor dance 1 full polka song

    • Floor dance 1 full two-step song

      • In these floor dances, a large rectangle will be set out. On side 1, you will do clockwise continuous turns, on side 2 you will dance straight, on side 3 you will do counter-clockwise continuous turns, and on side 4 you will dance straight to your starting point. 

      • Once you pass your starting point, you will continue dancing the rest of the song and show the transitions that you know/have learned. 

      • Once this song ends, you will turn to the closest team member/alumni and do a “seal the deal” dip. 

    • Perform your self-choreographed jitterbug routine to a randomly selected song

    • Cuts will then be made after this first portion

  • Next, the remaining tryout couples will be taught part of a routine and then perform it

Tryout Day -- Evening

  • After the dancing portion is concluded, the tryouts couples will be interviewed couple by couple

  • After each couple has been interviewed, the team will deliberate and then release decisions to each couple

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