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Safety Checks on Tuesday

Howdy everyone!

We will have Sharon Toups, our Technical Safety Consultant, come to our meeting next Tuesday, 3/30. At meeting/practice she will do the following things for newbies & returners...

  • safety checks for all required moves

  • safety checks for any moves in 3-move

  • Safety briefing geared towards newbies about how to safely learn jitt, how to get things safety approved, etc.

I will explain in more details how safety checks will work with practice day of.

Newbies, at Banquet you will perform a modified jitt line in some fashion! Details about what this looks like will come out as we continue to plan Banquet. You can choose amongst any of the required/non-team only moves to place in your solo (so anything that you could have done at tryouts). We do not want to add any stress to your learning the routines right now, plus you have not had a full Jitterbug workshop yet. Your focus should be on routines right now. If you cannot get a move to a safety-approval level by Tuesday don't worry, you will be able to get it safety approved later on through the procedures Sharon outlines for you, but this will be your first opportunity.

The jitterbug workshop is tentatively planned for shortly after Finals in May. This way we will be able to have both sets of newbies participate in the workshop (January in April). This makes the most sense for alleviating work loads for everyone during the semester and with Sharon's schedule.

Have a great weekend, good luck at Tuckered Out workshop, and email me with questions/comments/concerns!

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